Significant increase in female executives recorded

Friday 15 Dec 2023

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) are pleased to share the Gender and Diversity Survey results for FY2023. For the fourth year running, companies in the forest grower and timber processing sector completed a voluntary Gender and Diversity Survey, which is part of an ongoing industry-wide commitment to increasing the participation of women across the workforce.

The 2023 survey was completed by 23 companies. The key finding shows a positive trend in the increasing number of female employees in the industry. The survey also highlights an increase in female executive roles in both forest grower and timber processing sectors. Over the past 2 years, the proportion of female executives has increased from 20% (27 roles) in 2021 to 29% (42 roles) in 2023.

“As a female executive in this historically male dominated industry, it is great to see gender diversity improving, clearly recognising and realising the benefits of diverse thinking at a strategic level” said Katie Fowden, General Manager at Hyne Timber and Board Member at FWPA.

The gender diversity at industry events has completely transformed in recent years and it is vital that the leaders in our industry, whether male or female, continue to support such opportunities. Appreciating that gender is only one aspect of diversity, as an industry, we need to be cognisant of the broader opportunities diversity can deliver”, said Katie Fowden.

“The ongoing FWPA member commitment to the diversity and inclusion survey plays a key role in providing key information for the industry, reflecting their positive efforts in the diversity and inclusion policy area”, said Erick Hansnata, Statistics and Economics Manager at FWPA.

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Source: FWPA

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