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Friday 15 Dec 2023

Real vs Fake Christmas Trees - Units sold

The Douglas-Fir: A Christmas Tree Favorite. Did you know that each year, 25-30 million Christmas trees are sold in the United States and Douglas-fir is one of the most popular species? Their popularity stems from their ideal shape, full branches, and wonderful scent. These trees symbolize the festive spirit and bring joy to households every winter (or summer, for us here in NZ).

The Douglas- fir, despite its name, is not a true fir but a member of the Pseudotsuga genus. This unique conifer has been a holiday staple in homes for decades. In addition to their holiday charm, Douglas-firs are vital to their ecosystems in nature. They provide shelter for wildlife and are renowned for their long lives and impressive heights, living longer than 500 years and growing as tall as 100m/330ft.

The environmental debate of live vs artificial trees crops up each holiday season. Ornamental trees are usually made from recycled PVC plastic and although they can be reused, will eventually end up in landfill. Real Christmas trees contribute to carbon sequestration, produce oxygen and create valuable jobs across the globe. Some farms even offer environmentally-conscious consumers live trees that can be replanted in their yard post-holiday.

Finally, if you have people with allergies in your family or workplace (like we do here at the Port Blakely office) you can enjoy the aroma of Christmas, without the runny noses. Just diffuse some of our NZ Douglas-fir essential oil in your living room. Here's to a joyous Christmas season for everyone!

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