International conference awards young researcher

Friday 15 Dec 2023

seedEnergy’s Quantitative Geneticist Dr. Michael Bird was awarded "best presentation by a young researcher" at the latest IUFRO conference “Improvement and culture of Eucalypts” held in Colonia, Uruguay on 20th to 24th of November. The conference featured a strong showing from Australian industry and researchers.

Michael presented “A novel open pollinated seed production strategy to exploit both additive and non-additive genetic effects in Eucalyptus dunnii”, drawing from his recently completed PhD at the University of Queensland. Michael’s talk combined results from the research chapters of his thesis estimating genetic parameters from a large international progeny trial network, with applied industrial research and management programs, detailing seedEnergy’s strategy to produce high genetic quality seed for plantation forestry.

seedEnergy General Manager, Barry Vaughan, congratulated Michael on receiving the award, explaining “it's great to have recognised Michael's extensive breeding of new material, coordination of international collaborators and his synthesis of the complex genetic analysis".

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