Timberlink celebrates its 10-year milestone

Friday 17 Feb 2023

February 1st 2023 marked a key milestone for Australian timber products manufacturing business Timberlink®, as it celebrated 10 years in business.

Timberlink CEO Ian Tyson said “this is an important moment to reflect on the enormous amount of change and improvement that has happened in our business since February 2013. Change that can only occur when a business has a vision and plan for its future, has an ownership structure and a Board that supports this, and then most importantly, has a great team of people who can add to and deliver on that vision and plan.”

Timberlink was formed in February 2013, following the sale of Gunns Limited’s softwood sawmilling assets, and is a part of an integrated softwood forestry business that is managed by New Forests. CEO Ian Tyson has been at the helm of Timberlink since its formation. “Thanks to the great support we have had from our customers and through expanding our operations, we have grown as a business, and now proudly employ 600 team members compared to where we started in 2013 at 380. The majority of which are in regional areas,” said Ian Tyson.

This year Timberlink will complete two significant innovation projects: one in mass timber with CLT and GLT, and one with wood-plastic composites. “These projects will take Timberlink from being primarily a structural timber manufacturer to a structural engineered timber products and solutions business, a remarkable change in ten years,” said Ian Tyson.

To reflect and support this growth, Timberlink has released a refreshed logo and a newly redeveloped website. Timberlink’s new positioning statement, “A future made better for all” is reflective of its commitment to helping build environmentally friendlier homes and buildings that support the world being a better place for the generations that follow.

Source: Timberlink

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