New petition launched for WA native forestry

Friday 23 Sep 2022

A new petition WA Parliament E-Petition 22-0024 – Sustainable forest management has been launched asking for a review of the science behind the State Governments claims on native forestry, to understand the costs and benefits of their policy, to examine alternative policy options that could keep the native forest industry alive, and to examine why timber harvesting is treated differently from mining in forests, and land clearing for roads and residential development.

For those in WA a visit to businesses to discuss the WA Governments shut-down of the native forestry and the intent of the petition can be arranged. Timing is short, to coincide with the release of the draft Forest Management Plan in WA under preparation by DBCA. For further details please contact the petitions organiser Gavin Butcher, previous Director or the Forest Products Commission (WA) by email

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