New 2022 Industry Map strikes a chord

Friday 29 Jul 2022

The only thing that is constant is change … and isn’t that the truth. Not only have we been facing the uncertainties with our businesses linked to COVID-19 over the last two years but changes for our own wood products industry over the last couple of years have been significant.

Every two years Australasia’s wood processing and manufacturing industry is detailed in an eagerly awaited Forest Products Industry Map that’s produced for this region. The new 2022 map has just been printed.

This is the fifth edition of a full colour 980mm wide x 680mm tall map produced by the Forest Industry Engineering Association combining major wood processing and manufacturing plants in both Australia and New Zealand.

It features 172 wood processing operations including 77 sawmills cutting in excess of 25,000m3 sawn lumber per annum (with sawn production levels), all fibreboard, particleboard, OSB, plywood, pulp & paper, veneer/LVL/CLT, paperboard and chip export operations along with major wood manufacturing operations.

Since the last edition produced in early 2020 there have been over 60 major updates to mill locations, ownership and production. Changes in the last two years have indeed been significant. The new map is now the most up-to-date industry reference providing an essential mapping resource for New Zealand and Australian forest products companies.

A folded copy of the map was inserted into major industry magazines in both New Zealand and Australia in early May. Maps since then have been going out the door. If you still don't have your own copy and wish to purchase folded or flat laminated (limited copies) maps, orders can be made directly from the FIEA website (

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