Global Network for Forestry Young Professionals

Friday 24 Jun 2022

Future Foresters New Zealand is supporting a global effort to unite forestry young professionals to promote, grow, and raise awareness of the importance and opportunities of the forest sector.

The recent World Forestry Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea called for a halt of deforestation and forest degradation and promote sustainable forest management. An executive member of Future Foresters New Zealand, Alfred Duval, says this was the first World Forestry Congress with a substantial youth focus and youth led sessions.

“Future Foresters were asked to showcase to the conference the success of our young forester’s initiative so that others from around the world could witness the benefits of uniting and promoting youth for careers in forests.”

“Future Foresters was a key part of the launch of the Global Network for Forestry Young Professionals (ForYP) at the World Forestry Congress. Communications technology makes it easy to interact with forestry colleagues in different parts of the world, and we’ll be on a learning curve to appreciate the priorities, methods of working and issues in other parts of the forest world”.

Alfred Duval says the likely priorities for Future Foresters involvement with ForYP is to showcase the far-reaching career opportunities regardless of an individual’s background. “We want to showcase to young Māori, young women and men, from all backgrounds, that a future in the forest industry is one that is diverse, rewarding, and sustainable where you can find your own passion and niche.”

The CEO of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association, David Rhodes, who also attended the ForYP launch says it’s vital to give voice and encouragement to the next generation of the industry. “They are in tune with the issues of tomorrow and for our policies and positions to be robust we must include their voices. This network will help achieve that”.

Source: FOA

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