A unique opportunity for young foresters

Friday 6 May 2022

Very rarely do you get anything for free. Here is one offer though. This new opportunity comes with a free conference registration – five of them in fact for each event being run in New Zealand by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) during 2022.

FIEA has teamed up with the WIDE Trust, a charitable Trust formed in 2018 that supports the development and education in New Zealand’s forestry and wood industry sectors.

FIEA conferences and exhibitions have set a benchmark for years. They are the leading series of technology related events, run in both New Zealand and Australia, where new and emerging technologies, operating practices and research are able to be regularly showcased to local companies. They’re always well supported. After 24 years, they’ve been able to build up strong communities of like-minded individuals that meet up once a year – or every second year. Newsletters, have been set up to complement the tech events with three industry-focused monthly newsletters going out each month now to around 6,000 readers for each newsletter.

So, what’s being offered?

To help out younger employees, recent graduates, new entrants and students into the industry, this new arrangement is going to enable five free registrations to attend upcoming major technology events with all major conference expenses being paid. So, free beer and food as well as the opportunity of learning about new technology, staying abreast with the very latest in research and operating practices, learning about emerging technologies (within and outside our own industry) and networking (with senior management, tech providers and your counterparts from across the country). Now that’s an offer just too good not to look at further.

As we come out of two years of postponed and rescheduled events because of Covid-19, we’ll start this offer to attendance at this region’s major forestry technology events, Environmental Forestry 2022, planned for Rotorua, New Zealand on 28-29 June 2022 and Residues2Revenues 2022 which will run in Rotorua on 26-27 July 2022. Details for each event can be found on the two event websites, www.environmentalforestry.events and www.woodresidues.events


Applicants for the five places for each of the first two events have to be actively employed within the forestry or wood products industries or in a recognised training scheme, apprenticeship or course. To ensure the package is targeting the right person, the applicants should also be 35 years or younger.

What do I do if interested?

Places will be filled on a first in-first served basis, provided the eligibility criteria have been met. So, if keen on picking up one of the five available spaces for either the upcoming Environmental Forestry 2022 or Residues to Revenues 2022 events, please make contact with gordon.thomson@fiea.org.nz

Note: This same offer will be made available to younger industry employees or students for all FIEA run and managed events planned for later in 2022. Details will follow.

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