$1.1m to cultivate upcoming forestry greats

Friday 29 Apr 2022

Often, all a young person needs is an opportunity to reach their full potential. Enter the WIDE Trust who, over the last two years, has approved grants of NZ$1.1m to young people undertaking research projects and studying towards both academic and trade qualifications in the forestry and wood industry sectors in New Zealand.

Leah van Boven is one such recipient of grants from the WIDE Trust over her four years of study.

“Growing up in Rotorua has given me a huge appreciation for the forests. With both my father and grandfather having worked in forestry throughout my life, I knew I wanted to learn more and join this developing industry. The last three years at the School of Forestry has taught me so much, from learning about the industry, to becoming more confident in myself and the work I do.”

Leah had the opportunity to further develop her skills at Timberlands Ltd up in the Central North Island over the summer. The WIDE Trust continues to support Leah as she completes her Bachelor of Forestry Science this year.

Dominic Cleary is a fourth year Bachelor of Forestry Science student and also a recipient of grants from the WIDE Trust. “It’s a great degree with a wide range of topics that captures the breadth of the industry. Currently we are working on a final fourth year case study, where we are analysing the small-scale plantation estate in Te Tairāwhiti. This study is the perfect summary of the degree where we put to use everything we have learnt.”

Dominic says he particularly enjoys small-scale/woodlot forestry and is keen to work with these sorts of forests after graduating. “It’s a win-win situation really, helping landowners maximise their return whilst also encouraging sustainable practices to look after our natural environment.”

Photo: Dominic (right) pictured with Milan Clarke a fellow student who is also a recipient of a WIDE Trust grant

Source: WIDE Trust

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