AU$66 million transformation using Tasmanian timber

Friday 4 Mar 2022

How Tasmanian timber was used to transform 'the DEC' into a world-class sport and entertainment arena

Tasmania's Derwent Entertainment Centre, constructed in 1989, is Tasmania's largest capacity indoor multi-purpose venue accommodating up to 8,800 people. An agreement between the NBL and the Tasmanian Government has recently seen 'the DEC' refurbished into a world-class arena that is now home to Tasmania's first NBL team in 25 years.

The AU$66 million refurbishment has transformed 'the DEC' into a world-class sports and entertainment facility, with the venue rebranded as MyState Bank Arena. We spoke to Thomas Floyd from Philp Lighton Architects bout how they used Tasmanian timber to create the transformation.

The project brief was to redevelop the Derwent Entertainment Centre into a fit for purpose, distinctively Tasmanian, state-of-the-art basketball stadium, while also keeping the venue true to its origins as a multipurpose event space for Southern Tasmania. Philip Lighton Architects started from the fan's perspective.

Source: Tasmanian Timber

"We wanted to make the fan's experience the best it could be on-site, trying to make a warm and welcoming venue," explains Floyd, "which instantly introduced timber into the design palette."

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