Wooden telecom towers accelerating 5G market

Friday 21 Jan 2022

In the near future, tens of thousands of new telecommunication towers will be constructed in Europe. Towers using wooden structures are in demand, especially for sites with landscape values.

In Milan in the north of Italy, motorists are greeted by an unusual sight next to a busy autostrada. The wooden-structured telecoms tower is the first in Italy. It ensures coverage for mobile phones and emergency calls. The 40-metre tower was erected last summer beside a local conservation area to replace an earlier tower constructed of steel.

’It’s our duty to come up with materials that reduce environmental impact and are more harmonious with the landscape. Glued laminated timber is an excellent choice for creating a more sustainable environment,’ said Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT, Italy’s largest tower operator, in September.

The telecoms tower erected in Northern Italy is manufactured by the EcoTelligent company located in Finland. The company has found wooden-structured towers to be in particular demand for places where towers with steel or concrete structures are no longer granted building permits.

’In areas with single-family dwellings, for example, the residents are opposed to conventional towers. National parks can’t operate without telecommunications, but the towers must have a more natural look that blends in with the surroundings,’ says Gyöngyi Mátray, CEO of EcoTelligent.

She believes that in the coming years, more and more sites will be considered to possess sensitive landscape values, parallel to new towers and base stations being built.

’Wooden-structured towers have the advantage of being widely accepted by the general public. People feel that they are entitled to have access to telecommunication services, but equally to a pleasant living environment.’

Mátray says that tens of thousands of new telecoms towers will be constructed in Europe in the next few years. This surge in construction is caused, above all, by the need to prepare for the coming of 5G services.

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Source: forest.fi

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