Genesis to begin biomass trial

Friday 10 Dec 2021

Genesis Energy have announced that they will trial burning wood pellets instead of coal in the Huntley Power Station to see how well it works. There are not only technical issues to see how much biomass is needed to fire up the generators, but also biomass fuel supply-chain issues.

Genesis CEO has said that the wood has to be sourced from regenerative forestry. Genesis advised that finding new fuel for Huntly is key to extending its future, and its proximity to Auckland makes its geographical location important.

Genesis is talking to the government's NZ Battery Project team about the part Huntly could play to solve the ‘dry year’ problem the country will increasingly face as it tries to remove thermal electricity generation from the system.

The use of biomass for electricity generation is not new. In the UK, power company Drax is using wood pellets in some of its coal generation.

Source: BANZ

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