FIEA launches new environmental conference

Friday 3 Dec 2021

The Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) is proud to announce it's latest new forestry conference – Environmental Forestry 2022, running in mid-May in Rotorua and available to international delegates as a virtual event.

Improving our environmental performance across the forest industry brings both challenges and rewards. For the first time, the Environmental Forestry 2022 Conference will bring together a wide range of foresters working on improving industry outcomes.

Speakers and delegates will be sharing successes and learning's among peers across a range of forest management companies for large and small forest estates. As a result, delegates will be able to make positive change and learn from each other to establish and improve best practices. Participation and contributions from national and regional regulatory agencies have also been invited.

What's Planned? - A range of case studies across the forest production cycle from harvest planning to post-harvest audits and impact assessments are planned. Best practices and recent developments will be discussed through shared learning's among industry professionals. A cross- section of forest operations will be included in a range of professional presentations.

The conference agenda will appeal to regional council staff and management from forest company professionals, from small to large forest companies as well as regulatory and policy staff from local councils, Ministry for Primary Industries, Te Uru rakau – New Zealand Forest Service and the Ministry for the Environment.

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