China Timber Structures Design Handbook published

Friday 8 Oct 2021

Friday Offcuts had previously reported on 2 February 2018 the publication of Standard for Design of Timber Structures GB50005-2017. That document meets the same purpose as its New Zealand equivalent, NZS3603. Now, a companion Handbook, China Timber Structures Design Handbook (Fourth Edition) has been produced by China Architecture Publishing Ltd.

The Handbook is a comprehensive document of 848 pages. It provides guidance to engineers and designers who design timber structures in China. The 4th edition recognises innovative timber building products and techniques. These include cross laminated timber (CLT), mid-rise and high-rise timber building methods and prefabricated timber construction technology. Design guidelines developed in New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the U.S. have been used as reference documents in the Handbook’s preparation.

The role of radiata pine as a structural timber is specifically referred to in both the Standard and the Handbook. To ensure radiata’s inclusion, Dr Minghao Li from the University of Canterbury and Bill Lu of Indufor Asia Pacific Ltd attended meetings in China. Their participation was coordinated by WPMA and SCION.

Alongside this process, the SCION-led group, involving Doug Gaunt, Minghao Li and Bill Lu have participated in the on-going partial revision of national standard GB/T 50708-2012 Technical Code of Glued Laminated Timber Structures. The relevant nomenclature and classifications applying to GL products from NZ radiata pine are recognised.

The combined technical initiatives have received extensive assistance from Ministry for Primary Industries and other forest industry groups. As Peter Clark, former President of the Forest Owners Association has commented, “…the inclusion of radiata pine within the China building codes will remove a significant constraint to adoption of light-framed house construction. Radiata pine also continues to be increasingly adopted for uses beyond its utility role as support for the construction of concrete buildings and infrastructure.”

Photo Credit: China Architecture Publishing Ltd, Beijing

Source: Indufor Asia Pacific Ltd

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