Strategies to do more with forestry data

Friday 1 Oct 2021

With forestry planning and supply chain management powered by data intelligence, there is a rare opportunity to optimize almost every aspect of forestry operations. In this article, we look at five strategies to leverage digital intelligence and do more with more data.

Digital transformation is bringing data-driven strategies to the board room, forest, and factory floor. The advantages inherent in smart technologies like cloud computing, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have been proven across every industry and forestry is no exception.

Forestry is a messy business that may seem digitally intractable, but today’s tools thrive in complexity, and digital initiatives are gaining traction. According to an Accenture survey of forestry executives, most have plans to accelerate their digital strategies. These investments are ever more focused on intelligence technologies that can help them maximize the value of their data, and the potential of these technologies is only beginning to be tapped.

The change happening in forestry through data-enabled AI and analytics has been likened by McKinsey and Company to the previous century’s doubling in productivity from the advent of chainsaws and motorized fellers.

In their analysis of the data opportunity, McKinsey dubbed data the “ next wave in forestry productivity” and highlighted that even the most advanced companies in the sector still have room to make further gains by doing more with more data.

A shift in the way we think about forestry is underway, and the innovators are mapping out the new terrain of improved performance, efficiency, productivity, and planning. Before long, forestry companies will be looking back at the time before data technologies the same way they look back today at the pre-chainsaw era.

Let’s take a look at the five strategies enabling forestry companies to leverage digital intelligence and do more with more data.

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