Work based learning Chief Executive appointed

Friday 20 Aug 2021

BCITO Chief Executive Toby Beaglehole has been appointed Chief Executive of Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited (WBL), a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga. BCITO Chair Mike King wished Toby every success in the new role and said it is a pleasure to see BCITO leaning into the opportunities WBL and Te Pūkenga presents.

Toby will take up the role of Chief Executive on 4 October 2021, in line with BCITO’s transition to WBL. Recruitment is underway to appoint a director to lead the BCITO Business Division of WBL following transition. WBL Acting Chief Executive Fiona Kingsford will work with Toby and the WBL Board through to the end of November to ensure a thorough handover.

Mr Strong thanked Fiona, who has been in the role since August, following her time as Chief Executive of Competenz. She also held the role of TITO Transition Capability Lead with Te Pūkenga while Chief Executive of Competenz.

Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited is a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga. Once fully established, Te Pūkenga will be New Zealand’s largest tertiary provider and the 35th largest globally and it is expected that 60 percent of Te Pūkenga learners will be work-based.

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