Sustainable bioproducts in concrete?

Friday 13 Aug 2021

There’s no end in sight to the worldwide interest in sustainable bio-based materials. Their role towards a global and sustainable bioeconomy is crucial. Integrating local bio-sourced products in concrete applications has specifically been a growing interest for the Canadian government and industry.

In its efforts to introduce forest-based biomaterials to new markets, FPInnovations developed expertise in concrete over the past few years and has been working with the concrete industry towards the use of innovative bioproducts in concrete applications.

The concrete industry has been praised for its efforts in seeking innovative products to continuously improve its material properties, to reduce its carbon footprint, and to compensate for depletion of suitable raw material sources. The use of cellulosic bioproducts in concrete has specifically been gaining momentum in recent years, which has led to the emergence of new products across global markets such as Cellulose Filaments (CF).

“Cellulosic bioproducts hold unique characteristics and properties that make it stand out as a major player in the bioproducts market and that make it a great addition to concrete applications”, says Frédéric Lory, Project Leader at FPInnovations.

When derived from sustainably-managed forests such as Canada’s, cellulosic bioproducts can be renewable and can reduce carbon emissions of the concrete industry through carbon storage and through reduced greenhouse gas emissions. They are also readily available in volume since they are a by-product of other forest operations processes, and are easy to handle and transport in large quantities.

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Source: FPInnovations

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