Practical workshops feature of 2021 sawmilling event

Friday 4 Jun 2021

Two years ago – over two weeks – the FIEA WoodTECH technology series achieved a record turnout of local sawmilling companies. Over 350 delegates from all major sawmilling companies in addition to leading tech providers from throughout Australasia, North America and Europe converged on Melbourne, Australia and Rotorua, New Zealand.

Two years later, after huge disruptions worldwide, WoodTECH 2021 will again be running in this region. In fact, it’s likely to be one of very few major sawmilling events run – anywhere in the world – this year.

What makes WoodTECH 2021 special is the series of practical workshops that have been set up for local sawmills. Based on positive feedback from delegates at the last sawmilling event, a series of troubleshooting workshops have been designed for a much wider cross section of sawmill production and operational staff.

They’ll be providing a unique insight into how sawmills can extract the best performance out of their saws, their machine centers and sawing operations. The workshops are designed to encourage sawmill teams – management, mill production, saw-doctors and maintenance staff – to take advantage of the line-up of world class international specialists who’ll be presenting at this event. They’ll ensure that teams can collectively put the practical learnings into practice once back on site.

Practical workshops within the two-day WoodTECH 2021 conference are being given on;

- Saw guides and lubrication. Troubleshooting saw, lubrication and guide issues in the mill

- Managing and making use of data to drive the business

- Real time data collection and use for machine diagnosis and troubleshooting. Using opening face data/wane analysis from your sawing machine centres

Full details on the 2021 programme can be found on the event website,

For those attending the NZ event live, as well as discounted early-bird registrations, significant discounts have also been set up for larger groups attending from one sawmill. For those mills and tech providers in Australia (and internationally), a special virtual registration rate has also been set up for the event.

Registrations can now be made directly on the event website.

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