Hardware store shelves stripped bare

Friday 21 May 2021

Victoria is in the midst of a serious timber shortage which is driving up construction costs at a staggering rate. The shelves at several Bunnings stores have been stripped bare.

Housing Industry Association Melbourne East Metro Branch chair, Tim Renwick, says the shortage is reaching crisis point. “We’re now starting to see site theft of timber … out on building sites,” he told Neil Mitchell. “It’s a real thing and clients are facing hold ups out there on sites.”

Mr Renwick says the pandemic affecting timber imports, and local bushfires, are behind the shortage. “We import 80 per cent of our timber and that just stopped overnight,” he said. “We’re looking at about an 11 per cent increase overall in building materials this year alone. The cost of containers bringing stuff in from overseas has gone up 300 per cent”

Photo: Empty timber Bunnings, Croydon

Source: 3AW

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