New board members and name refresh for IFA/AFG

Friday 9 Apr 2021

The Institute of Foresters of Australia and Australian Forest Growers (IFA/AFG) is delighted to welcome new Director, Jim Wilson and new Board Observer, Leon Holt, with the organisation also announcing it will seek public opinion on a new name as it looks to increase its reach and profile.

IFA/AFG President Bob Gordon said the decisions made at the last board meeting would further grow the organisation’s profile and skillset, helping deliver greater outcomes for its members. “The appointments of Jim and Leon will assist us as we continue to adapt and deliver for our members, forest science and the broader forest sector,” Mr Gordon said.

“We’re also excited to announce we have engaged Pollinate, a market research company lead by Howard Parry-Husbands, to consult with the general public about a list of possible new names for the organisation. “As increasing our profile is very important to IFA/AFG members, the Board want to ensure any new name being considered will support this objective. The Board expect to hear the perceptions from over 1,000 members of the general public, the results from the survey will be available to the Board in May/June for discussion.”

IFA/AFG CEO Jacquie Martin said that she was delighted to be working with Mr Wilson and Mr Holt. “Jim Wilson and Leon Holt are long-time supporters of the IFA/AFG and are passionate about the future of the profession, the sector and our association,” Ms Martin said.

“Jim’s career has been focused in the private sector and he has invested his recent years working with Forico in Tasmania, as well as providing significant service to the forest sector in advocacy and leadership. Jim is a Registered Forestry Professional. Jim is also an active farm forester with both plantation and native forest in Tasmania. His experience and knowledge in these areas will bring a new dimension to the board and his recruitment is part of the Institute’s succession plans”.

“Leon's background is in native forestry and the public sector in Victoria, he was awarded the Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forest Management in 2019. He lives in northern Victoria with his young family and has recently begun establishing a farm forestry enterprise. As a long-time contributor to the IFA/AFG, and the sector more broadly, Leon’s continued insight will be highly valued in this new role.”

Photo: New Director, Jim Wilson (top) and new Board Observer, Leon Holt (bottom)

Source: IFA/AFG

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