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Friday 26 Mar 2021

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) has initiated the development of a ‘clean slate’ Strategic Plan, which will help guide the industry’s future priorities and a on-line survey has been set up to capture your views.

An important element of the process will be the participation of industry, with stakeholders set to be offered a range of opportunities to share their views on the industry’s future and the role of FWPA. FWPA also encourages stakeholders to reach out independently with specific feedback on issues they feel are important to consider going forward.

A reference group comprising key stakeholders will also be established. Its members will be instrumental in guiding the development of the plan, and will be engaged through ongoing communications and a number of interactive workshops. It is expected the plan will be finalised towards the end of the year, with more information to be shared as soon as it becomes available.

Use the on-line survey to make sure that we are able to understand your issues and priorities.

Source: FWPA

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