Thanks for Buying Local Timber First

Friday 18 Dec 2020

New research data backs the positive impact of buying local first and Aussie timber workers want to say a big “thank you” for the ongoing support. What you may not know is all the industry faces and their families that live in regional Australia – people that are mums, dads, sons and daughters who have grateful smiles on their faces for their fellow Aussies who have made a point of Buying Aussie Timber First in 2020.

Residential building is a key factor in Australia’s economic recovery, so the domestic softwood processing sector’s successful advocacy to all levels of government for new house building stimulus has been a real achievement this year. The local sector has ramped up to meet the unexpected strong demand this year for structural timber used in new Australian homes and renovations projects whilst keeping its workforces across Australia safe.

September monthly sales this year were at a record level compared with the last two years and were up 8% on the same month last year highlighting the strong demand. Research that was conducted in 2020 by Pollinate also shows some interesting trends of growing awareness and support by the domestic building specifiers and designers for Aussie made timber.

Being Australian made and made for Australian conditions were important criteria in survey respondents’ selection of timber products and also compared to alternative building materials – 84% of building specifiers and designers in the survey stated that local timber made for Australian conditions was important in their decision.

Local industry leaders would like to take the opportunity leading up to Christmas to thank their supply chain for Buying Aussie Timber First in 2020. Coupled with the positive impact of the various government stimulus packages, this has given the industry confidence to be agile and increase local supply to support increased housing demand which is key to Australia’s economic recovery and future wellbeing.

Photo: L-R: Patrick Warrand (Wespine), Shane Vicary (AKD), Ian Tyson (Timberlink), Jon Kleindschmidt (Hyne), Cameron McDonald (OneFortyOne), Stephen Dadd (Boral)

Source: Buy Australia

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