Axing barriers to digital transformation

Friday 18 Dec 2020

Like many heavy industry businesses throughout the country, forest management firm, Forico, has been upping its use of digital technology in a bid to increase productivity, sustainability and safety across its remote worksites. Yet, with its large rural footprint – spanning over 175,700 hectares, tools designed to exchange or collate information haven’t always worked as planned.

Ready for connectivity change, Forico recently engaged with service provider 42-24 to connect its head office to business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet^ and create a unique solution for its remote sites.

“The forest management industry is undergoing change powered by digital transformation,” says Shevaun Mackenzie, IT Manager at Forico. “New technology like our digital docketing system […] has the potential to make operations more efficient, sustainable and safe for our staff.”

But connectivity limitations were restricting the digital opportunities Forico could consider while also impacting the critical operations already in place. One challenge was the way the company managed regular data backups.

Due to the large volume of data to be stored, the backup activity could take up to two and half days running over the weekend to complete with their original upload speeds. In response, Forico’s team would, at times, opt to transfer data backups manually via a portable hard drive that would be physically driven to a backup storage site.

Beyond data backups, the company’s operations rely heavily on technology to collaborate and manage their processes. “Our remote sites need to be able to communicate with head office using video conference and our staff need to be able to access work related files – stored on our centralised server – from each of the remote sites,” says Shevaun.

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Source: nbnco

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