Updated NZ Wood Availability Forecasts underway

Friday 20 Nov 2020

It’s been a long time since the Wood Availability Forecasts were updated, so MPI have decided to team up with Margules Groome Consulting to produce a WAF by June 2021.

MPI has contracted Margules Groome Consulting to undertake the 2020/21 wood availability forecasting round, and review the existing regional yield tables. During the course of the forecasting round all large-scale forest owners (i.e. those with over a certain number of hectares in a wood supply region), will be contacted by the contractor and asked to complete a harvest intentions survey. The survey covers commercially harvested species and seeks information for a twenty-year period.

The Nelson region has been chosen as the pilot region and is currently underway with information gathering. All other regions will be contacted in the New Year. MPI will be producing a draft analysis of the Nelson/ Marlborough region and have set up a regional meeting to discuss the preliminary results. Feedback is invaluable to ensure that the methodology used and assumptions are correct. The meeting will be held on the 8 December at the Beachside Conference Centre from 10-2pm (although may end sooner).

One of the questions MPI hopes this work will address is what level of uncommitted supply exists in each wood supply region, particularly in those log grades that are sought after by the domestic processing industry. This analysis will contribute directly to the Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan (ITP), which seeks to expand the commercial opportunities for forestry, and build value from the resource.

If interested in attending (60-person limit) either in person or virtually, please make contact with kate.king@mpi.govt.nz.

Source: MPI

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