First CEO for the Tasmanian FPA

Friday 11 Sep 2020

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has welcomed the appointment of Nick Steel as the first CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA). The Chief Executive of AFPA Ross Hampton said, “Nick comes to this new role having spent over 10 years working for the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association at senior levels, and that experience has given him a solid grounding in the issues the industry faces and the skills in representing its members’ concerns to government and other stakeholders.”

“The TFPA’s membership includes all the major growers and processors who are part of Tasmania’s sustainable forest products industry, in native forestry and plantation, softwood and hardwood, heralding a new era of cooperation between all parts of the industry to represent Tasmania’s forest industries to governments, media and the community.”

Mr Hampton said TFPA would work closely with the Australian Forest Products Association on growing the industry in Tasmania. “The forest products industry is a major contributor to Tasmania’s economy and a major employer, and it needs to continue to have a representative of the highest pedigree. Nick fits that bill. I congratulate him on his appointment, and I look forward to working with him.”

Mr Hampton has also paid tribute to Terry Edwards, the outgoing Chief Executive of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT), which is being replaced by the TFPA. “Terry and FIAT championed forestry in Tasmania for many years and I want to thank him for his work,” Mr Hampton said.

Source: AFPA

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