Legal action against Tas native logging

Friday 28 Aug 2020

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has launched legal action against native forest logging in Tasmania, claiming it is not in accordance with federal law. The challenge, lodged with the federal court on Thursday night, argues the Tasmanian regional forest agreement does not comply with a federal act.

The Bob Brown Foundation argues the agreement doesn’t ensure the protection of endangered species and lacks proper enforcement mechanisms. Lawyer for the foundation, Roland Browne, said the agreement allows forest management laws to be amended by Tasmania without reference to the Commonwealth.

“In Tasmania, the state does what it likes under the protection of the regional forestry agreement,” he said. The island state’s regional forestry agreement, which was signed in 1997, is designed to balance the economic, social and environmental demands on native forests.

Bob Brown said he was encouraged by a May federal court ruling which found logging in parts of Victoria was illegal. The court found Victoria logged 26 areas home to species at risk of extinction which are meant to be protected by both state and federal law – and planned to unlawfully log another 66.

“This is the first time the Federal Court has granted a final injunction to prevent logging of threatened wildlife habitat and the first time Victoria’s logging industry – the largest in Australia – has been held to account,” Environmental Justice lawyer Danya Jacobs said in a statement on Friday.

Further coverage can be read here.

Source: aap, the guardian

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