Victorian logging taken to the International stage

Friday 14 Aug 2020

Australian environmentalists, The Wilderness Society, has appealed to enforcement agencies in Germany, the United States and Denmark, claiming international companies that use VicForests timber in their products are in breach of their respective country’s stance on illegal logging.

An Australian environmentalist group has filed formal complaints with international enforcement agencies to "prevent illegal logging" in Victoria's forests, after a recent Federal Court decision found VicForests in breach of state and federal law.

The move has left forestry peak bodies furious at the trivialisation of illegal logging and "callous disregard" for essential workers during a global pandemic. The Wilderness Society has appealed to enforcement agencies in Germany, Denmark and the United States to prevent illegal logging in Victoria's "fire-affected forests and wildlife habitats".

Paper and cardboard, produced by Nippon Paper Group owned Opal Australian Paper, is sold through its German and United States subsidiaries, and the environmentalist group has subsequently filed formal complaints for breach of each country's illegal logging laws with their relevant authorities. The Federal Court decision is being appealed by VicForests.

The Australian Forest Products Association and Victorian Association of Forest Industries have slammed the move, saying it trivialised the global scourge of illegal logging and encouraged protesters to disrupt legal timber harvesting when the economy was already at a devastating low.

Australian Forest Products Association chief executive Ross Hampton said on the same day the Victorian government announced the economy would likely be in a deep recession with potentially tens of thousands of job losses, the Wilderness Society had taken its campaign against the state's sustainably-managed native forest industries to an international audience, and trivialised the global scourge of illegal logging.

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Source: gippslandtimes

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