Aspects of culture that drive engagement

Friday 7 Aug 2020

One of the WoodTECH 2020 webinars that the Forest Industry Engineering Association ran for wood processing and manufacturing companies a week or so ago focussed on business culture.

Seven years ago, Brisbane based sustainable timber specialist Kennedy’s Timbers had stagnated, were facing issues on all fronts, in a tough competitive market and at a risk of closure. However, a commitment to creating a positive workplace environment has proven successful for Brisbane-based Kennedy’s Timbers in turning their business around. It culminated in them being named Queensland’s Small Employer of the Year at the Queensland Training Awards last year.

As webinar delegates learnt. investing in the company’s culture has not only retained staff numbers, it also increased productivity levels and turnover. Twice as profitable as other similar companies within the industry, Kennedy’s Timbers now has 600% lower staff turnover, three times lower staff absenteeism, fewer lost time injury days and one of the lowest Work Cover premiums in the Queensland manufacturing sector. The average length of service of staff has substantially increased from 1 to 6.7 years. Kennedy has also been able to expand and purchase competitors in Victoria and New South Wales and also establish distributors in Western Australia and New Zealand.

To follow up the lessons and insight supplied by Michael Kennedy, CEO and Founder of Kennedys Timbers and the workplace culture specialist Dr Tony Watt who worked with the company to get it where it is today, we’ve included a link this week to an article looking at the key aspects of culture that drive engagement within a business. The message from the article is we should be focussing on company culture. Build the type of culture that everyone wants to work for and you'll reshape your business.

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Source: industryweek

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