New campaign boosts lumber industry careers

Friday 7 Aug 2020

A new Keep Up campaign has been set up in North America designed to help the general public, educators, students and soon-to-be graduates learn more about the promising career opportunities lumber offers and how the industry is one of our greatest tools to combat climate change.

With the new campaign, the North American Wholesale Lumber Association is focusing on an industry that provides competitive benefits and salaries, diverse opportunities, innovation, and an effective way to contribute to a healthier planet.

The web page is headed; “Many branches. One industry”. Quite catchy. It then goes on to say;

“Let’s get real for a moment. Lumber isn’t sexy, unless you’re a ripped logger with a killer YouTube channel with ads that pay you big money. Last we checked that was about nine people. Problem is there will be 9 billion people in 30 years and unless you get a good paying gig that helps to solve the climate crisis, why bother? Weirdly enough, forests offer a realistic solution. And, the wood that comes out of regenerative forests can be used to create some wicked cool stuff. Like airplane wings. And, 18-story buildings made completely of wood.

Oh, did we mention it’s regenerative? Meaning it never runs out and doesn’t hurt the planet. Ever heard of a steel hugger? Or a concrete hugger? Neither have we. So, we’ll lose the golf shirts if you lose the attitude and let’s solve this climate insanity together so we can both live a really cool life. You in? Or, would you rather be a YouTube makeup artist and take your chances? We’re fine with either. Just remember…it’s your choice, not ours”.

Keep Up encourages younger people and an emerging workforce to explore educational tools, job network and rewarding possibilities available. It highlights innovation, sustainability and diversity within the sector, painting a picture that goes beyond outdated stereotypes.

Maybe there’s something here for the local industry to use for its own campaigns and efforts in attracting younger students into the industry. More details on the Keep Up campaign can be viewed here.

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