Covid testing chaos with Australia’s trucking

Friday 31 Jul 2020

Australia’s governments have failed their COVID-19 test after days of confusion about how to screen interstate truck drivers, Australian Trucking Association CEO Ben Maguire said this week. Mr Maguire said that state governments had imposed different testing requirements on drivers, failed to address the key issues raised by industry and failed to provide convenient and accessible testing facilities.

“The Australian and state governments must take immediate action or interstate road freight will effectively shut down,” Mr Maguire said. “What we know today (Wednesday) is that Queensland is encouraging drivers to be tested, South Australia and Western Australia require it for some drivers, and that it’s completely unclear what NSW is doing.”

The NSW Government announced overnight that freight workers crossing the border from Victoria should have a COVID-19 test every seven days. “The first paragraph of the NSW Government announcement says it is announcing ‘new requirements,’” he said.

“Paragraph four says that enforcement has not commenced, and that it’s just a recommendation. The paragraph then reverses course and, at the end, says it’s a requirement. “Is it a recommendation or a requirement? It’s completely unclear, and we need clarity most of all in these uncertain times.”

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Source: Australian Trucking Association

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