Log Traders and Forestry Advisors bill update

Friday 31 Jul 2020

As we reported last week, the Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Amendment Bill was passed by the NZ Parliament last Thursday evening. Key changes to the Act relating to regulating log traders and forestry advisers include:

• inserting a specific volumetric threshold of 2000 cubic metres of logs traded, below which a person or company is not required to register as a log trader,
• providing an exemption from the requirement to register as a forestry adviser for those already covered by other occupational licensing regimes established under other legislation, such as lawyers or real estate agents,
• providing further specification about the process and requirements in relation to registration and de-registration, complaints and disputes including rights or review and natural justice principles,
• clarifying the functions of the Forest Authority and the criteria that would need to be taken into account before delegation of any of these functions to anybody outside the Public Sector, and
• for the avoidance of doubt the Bill also confirms that practice standards cannot impose conditions that are properly a matter for commercial agreement between parties.

Te Uru Rākau will now work with key stakeholders to develop regulations and rules (including practice standards), which will be subject to public consultation. While they are still finalising specific timelines, they are expecting a process to be at least 12 months to develop the regulations.

Information about the Bill is available on Parliament’s website.

Source: Te Uru Rākau

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