Stunning timber use in new iLogistics Centre

Friday 26 Jun 2020

Cargo-partner is strongly investing into the expansion of its worldwide logistics capacities and opened its new all-timber warehouse in June. The logistics provider made a conscious decision for this energy-efficient construction with a strongly reduced ecological footprint. In addition, this construction explores new territory in the logistics industry due to its unique architecture.

Due to cargo-partner's steady growth as well as the increasing demand at its headquarters near Vienna Airport, a new warehouse became necessary in order to avoid capacity bottlenecks. Following the company's declared goal of ecological sustainability, cargo-partner decided on timber construction as an environment-friendly and resource-efficient option.

This project enters a new dimension in timber construction – not just due to the architectural complexity and height of the high-bay racks, but also due to the extreme precision requirements in regard to the structural tolerances. As cargo-partner continues to expand its global contract logistics network, important insights gained from this endeavour will also be incorporated into the equipment and design of other new warehouses.

The figures and dimensions of the new iLogistics Center are certainly impressive. You can check out the stats from the this amazing new building along with images by clicking here.

Source: Timber Architecture, Cargo-Partner

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