Biodiversity credits being considered

Friday 26 Jun 2020

New Zealand’s Climate Change Minister James Shaw says he'll consider biodiversity credits, as pressure builds for the Government to prioritise the planting of native trees over blanket pine trees. These credits are generated from actions that improve biodiversity values and are used to offset any biodiversity losses on development sites.

It's part of a mission called 'carbon farming', where trees are grown on farmland for carbon credits and not for sale. This has angered farmers who say it's a waste of land and rural residents are being driven away. Shaw says there are enough incentives to plant native trees instead of using the land for sheep and beef farming.

"We've actually seen huge rates of permanent native forests going in, and part of that is the companies that are using forestry to offset their emissions want to make sure they're part of the New Zealand story," he told Newshub. But he will consider a biodiversity credit.

More >> Further coverage around concerns being expressed on the impact that carbon farming is having on rural communities from a regional perspective can be “> read here.


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