Fine tuning timber planing & machining operations

Friday 19 Jun 2020

An exciting new format for dry-mill and wood manufacturing operations has been set up by local timber producers. This has been to ensure that the two-yearly WoodTECH series, originally scheduled to be run in New Zealand and Australia in August, can be run this year. A series of short 60-90-minute interactive webinars have been set up and will be run between 13-24 July 2020. Information and details on the series of WoodTECH 2020 webinars can be seen on the event website.

As well as highlighting a raft of disruptive technologies being developed and used to boost the operational performance of manufacturing operations, a “hands-on” practical troubleshooting session has been set up for specifically for timber machining and planing operators. It’s also been extended to 90 minutes rather than the 60 minutes to optimise interaction between the presenter and the mill staff participating.

Maximising reliability, and maintenance in a planing operation plays a key role when it comes to reliability goals. To achieve these objectives, it’s essential to change the attitude that maintenance is reactive and functional. Instead, maintenance should be viewed as a proactive process that is fully integrated into a mill’s general activities.

This webinar will cover how reliability-based maintenance makes it possible to implement a selective maintenance plan based on the equipment’s criticality and its failures. The ultimate goals for the operation are to:

• Improve the availability of selected equipment for their impact on the production flow (planer, loader and sorter)
• Improve performance through a global approach of permanent progress, integrating quality controls, eliminating the factors responsible for micro-stops and the responsibility of each operator
• Control production costs by reducing downtime and optimizing the preventive maintenance plan
Finally, implementing this strategy helps grow overall equipment effectiveness and the maintenance culture thanks to an effective, functional approach and increased involvement by companies’ personnel.

Other key topics being covered in this session will be:

• Diagnosing feeding problems on planers
• Planer alignment
• Pros and cons of gap feeding
• Electric drives vs. hydraulic

The 90-minute webinar aimed at local wood products and manufacturing companies is planned for Wednesday 22 July. It’s being run by an international industry wood manufacturing installation, training and troubleshooting specialist, Joey Godwin, Mechanical Service Technician & Machinery Support, USNR, USA.

If keen on signing up key manufacturing and production staff to sit in on this 90-minute webinar, you can register on line here.

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