NZ Dryland Forests Initiative secures funding

Friday 12 Jun 2020

The NZ Dryland Forests Initiative (NZDFI) is pleased to confirm that it has been awarded a grant of NZ$539,000 from Te Uru Rākau’s One Billion Trees Partnership Fund.

The funding will go towards work to accelerate the availability of elite, ground durable hardwood planting stock, with the focus on two species, Eucalyptus bosistoana and E. globoidea. Durable hardwoods do not require chemical treatment, and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to treated pine and imported tropical timbers. They have many applications, from poles and posts in orchards and vineyards to being a component of high strength engineered timbers such as laminated veneer lumber.

The NZDFI began work almost 11 years ago and has invested in a region- wide tree breeding and research programme. The improved plants will be available to landowners wishing to plant durable eucalypts from 2021 onwards. Proseed NZ Ltd, a Ngāi Tahu subsidiary and NZDFI partner, is New Zealand’s leading producer of tree seed. The company will now be able to further develop and scale up its novel clonal propagation programme and start collecting seed from its clonal seed orchards.

“This funding is a huge boost for us, “says Proseed’s CEO, Shaf van Ballekom. “We have already invested significantly in skills and facilities to support the NZDFI’s breeding programme and now we will be able to start to deliver the benefits of our eucalyptus breeding work. It’s very exciting.”

Source: NZDFI

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