Look up at the trees, think about wood

Friday 5 Jun 2020

An Australian Government promotion for the forestry industry that encourages Australians to “look up at the trees, think about wood” should be taken down after a recent federal court ruling on native forest logging, the Greens have said. The department of agriculture paid a production company $94,875 last year to produce a series of videos aimed at promoting Australia’s logging industry as environmentally sustainable.

The videos were made to cover all aspects of the logging industry, both native forest logging and plantations. Recent responses to written questions from the Greens senator Janet Rice show the former department of agriculture and water resources commissioned the videos as “one tactic” in a range of communication activities meant to develop a “new narrative” for the forestry industry reported the Guardian this week.

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) responded by commenting that it’s enormously disappointing that the Australian Greens, as a major political party, is attacking federal public servants for simply producing a series of information videos covering Australia’s sustainable native forestry industry.

Instead, AFPA Chief Executive Officer Ross Hampton said the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment should be congratulated for adding facts to the conversation, rather than being attacked in this nonsensical way. “These videos are 100 per cent factual and will be an important resource for students and all those seeking to better understand Australia’s forest industries,” Mr Hampton said.

The video makes the evidence-based point that “every tree we use is regrown and replaced”, however, the Greens’ forestry spokesperson, Senator Janet Rice, is calling for this positive message to be hidden. “Forestry supports thousands of regional jobs. It also beggars belief that at a time of high unemployment the Greens are wanting to add native forestry jobs to the dole queue,” Mr Hampton concluded.

Source: Guardian, AFPA

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