Forest Safety Webinars to pack powerful messages

Friday 5 Jun 2020

For years the challenges in forest safety involved dangers from falling trees. Our rapid change to mechanised logging has changed the nature of forest safety risks. The physical workload still brings risks as our workday progresses or forest and weather conditions change, but the risks now include decision-making ability and response times potentially being impacted by fatigue. This year’s webinar series later this month brings a strong focus on understanding what’s really happening for our workers in this regard.

As conditions for industry events this year have changed, we have changed to a webinar format for the 5th running of the Forest Safety & Technology 2020 conference series. A number of key safety awareness changes have made this year’s event a must-see for all forest managers and contractors. Some of the key themes include;

1. Practical tools for easier conversations with workers and safety managers;
2. Greater awareness of using cultural factors to get messages across;
3. Understanding of worker fatigue issues and ways to mitigate the effects;
4. Technology for all kinds of innovative applications. A shirt that tells you you’re getting tired? Yes!

Full details on the programme can be viewed and registrations made on the event website

Here is our first insight from Lance Burdett on what’s really going on in your head at work.

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