Tasmanian forestry plantings fund now open

Friday 15 May 2020

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) is leading a Program involving co-investment from PFT, primary producers and federal government grant funding (Smart Farming Grant) to develop landscape best practice forestry plantings in North West, Northern and Southern Tasmania. The co-investment currently includes cash contributions of AU$200,000 from PFT and AU$130,000 from the Smart Farming Grant to assist primary producers with up front establishment costs. Primary producers are invited to participate via an expression of interest process.

The Program is designed to establish several (3 to 5) demonstration farms, across three regions (NE, NW and South), with significant farm scale best practice integration of shelterbelts and woodlots into the agricultural landscape, to test and demonstrate multiple benefits of trees, including:

* economic benefits from wood resource at harvest;

* increased productive capacity on farm (through sheltering effects, reduced water loss, increased livestock fecundity, increased crop yields);

* environmental benefits from increased carbon capture, enhanced biodiversity, reduced water loss/soil erosion; and

* amenity benefits from trees into the landscape.

Expression of Interest close 5:00pm, 30th June 2020. If interested, further information can be found here

Source: Private Forests Tasmania

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