Environmentalists hoping for court victory

Friday 11 Dec 2020

Australian environmentalists are calling it "The Great Forest Case", and they say a win would be a victory to rival the successful campaign that stopped the damming of Tasmania's wild Franklin River.

Key points:

- The Bob Brown Foundation is arguing in court that the Tasmanian agreement under the Regional Forests Agreements Act is invalid
- It claims the agreement is not enforceable, and that rare and endangered species are not protected
- The forestry industry claims the continuing attacks are hurting people working within agreements that are protecting threatened species

But there will be no blockades nor mass protests, this fight will be fought purely in court because the area it covers is far too great to swarm with activists. Because this time it is not a singular river at stake, it is every native forest in Tasmania. If the environmentalists succeed it could mean the end of native forest logging in the state and potentially the country. More >>.

Source: ABC

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