Södra introduces its VR technology 360 experience

Friday 11 Dec 2020

Södra is a forestry cooperative based in Växjö, Sweden. More than 52,000 forest owners in southern Sweden are members of the economic association which owns just over half of all privately owned forest in the area. Södra has just introduced the Södra 360 Experience, which takes advantage of virtual reality (VR) technology to increase knowledge about the role of the forest in society and in the future, while also demonstrating the values and breadth of its business.

“There is a need and opportunity to increase knowledge regarding the forest and the positive climate effects it gives as well as how we manage it sustainably,” Maria Baldin, SVP Communications and Sustainability at Södra said.

The VR provides close encounters with forest owners and experts, and users of forest products as they go about their lives, surrounded by renewable wood-based materials. “Our customers will benefit from this innovative new way to explore Södra’s world, from the sights and sounds of our members’ forests to its use in everyday life.

“Meanwhile, our customers’ customers, in other words consumers of forest products, can take a journey down the value chain, learn about sustainable forestry with its multiple beneficial impacts on their daily lives, and feel positive about their purchase decisions involving wood.”

Visitors to the virtual reality (VR) Södra 360 Experience can move from the forest into an interactive modern living space and a townscape, where the sustainable uses of wood –from paper products to textiles, energy and construction materials – are featured in detail. The Södra 360 Experience can be accessed on screen or with VR headset.

Visit the 360 experience at: www.sodraexperience.com

Source: Sodra

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