Estimates of tree stock sales and NZ forest planting

Friday 24 Apr 2020

Each spring the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand undertakes a survey of tree stock sales from commercial forestry nurseries. The results are aggregated to produce estimates of total national sales, and then modelled to estimate the area of planting by species, species groups, and total area.

Tree stock sales reported in 2019 totalled 88.8 million seedlings, compared to 59.9 million sold in 2018. The main increase was in radiata pine where sales rose by 27.4 million seedlings (48 percent), and notably in Stand Select.

The total area of forest planting in the winter of 2019 is provisionally estimated from the nursery survey data and associated modelling to be 85,000 hectares. The total area of new planting in 2019 is estimated to be in the order of 22,000 hectares. This is based on a separate survey of large-scale forest owners and managers, and information from Te Uru Rākau for Crown Forestry and smaller-scale owners under forestry grant schemes.

Replanting of harvested areas is provisionally estimated to be 63,000 hectares in 2019. This is the residual area from the estimated total area of planting (85,000 hectares) minus the estimated area of new planting (22,000 hectares).

The 2019 nursery survey asked commercial forestry nursery managers about anticipated sale levels in 2020. The bulk of the nurseries responded to this question, and their feedback indicates that total seedlings sales may reach 100 million in 2020. Further details on the survey and results can be seen here

Source: MPI

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