Robots are printing 3D bridges in Amsterdam

Friday 27 Mar 2020

Amsterdam's robot-printed steel bridge, the first of its kind in the world, is more attractive than you might expect. Its curved, raw steel balustrades with intricate mesh detailing are typical of the optimised aesthetic of 3D printing.

First displayed publicly in 2018 and awaiting installation over a local canal, the bridge was printed by Dutch firm MX3D. Chief executive Gijs van der Velden, in New Zealand as part of the Heavy Engineering Research Association 20/20 Vision Conference, says the company has developed a new way of using robotic arms as 3D printers.

He shares his thoughts on the future of automated construction, and how digital design and fabrication will change the world. "Basically, we 3D print shapes with a regular welding robot using regular welding wire and off-the-shelf equipment. It's technology that already existed but from a design background, we repurposed the machine to become a large-scale 3D metal printer.

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