WA Government puts 12-month halt on logging

Friday 13 Mar 2020

The Western Australian Government has placed a 12-month freeze on the logging of "two-tier" karri forests in the state's wooded South West region.

Two-tier karri forests are defined as mixed-age forests comprised of mature trees and younger regrowth trees. The Forest Products Commission (FPC) manages the logging of WA's native forests and has excluded two-tier karri forests from its native-timber harvest plan for 2020.

The decision has been met with celebration from conservationists and a backlash from the local timber industry. WA's Forestry Minister David Kelly said the decision was focused on "customer demand". "Given there is some community sensitivity around some of these two-tier karri coupes, if there's no customer demand then there's no need to harvest from those areas," he said.

Mr Kelly said many native timber processors and manufacturers supplied by FPC were moving away from the use of older native-timber resources. "Many in the industry are moving towards accessing smaller timbers and making use of logs that would otherwise be considered waste," he said.

Mr Kelly said the decision only applied to harvest plans for 2020, and a decision on future access to two-tier karri resources was yet to be made. The 12-month freeze on the logging of tier two karri has drawn criticism from the local industry. Matt Granger, acting CEO of the Forest Industries Federation WA (FIFWA), said the move was "unnecessary and unwelcome".

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Source: ABC

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