How are we using the internet?

Friday 28 Feb 2020

And one out of left field that you might find interesting. Every year InternetNZ completes research on how Kiwis are using the Internet, their thoughts towards it, concerns and more. This data helps determine the direction the organisation’s messages and campaigns take so they can ensure a more open, accessible and secure Internet for everyone in New Zealand.

Working with market research company Colmar Brunton, they’ve just published the findings from their most recent research, and there are some very interesting findings, such as:

- Working from home is becoming more common, with 19% of people doing it all the time and more regularly.

- However, 46% say the biggest hurdle are face-to-face meetings.

- Security is still a concern for many, with only 35% using two-factor authentication.

- Almost half of respondents have found a job online (47%).

Visit the InternetNZ website to see the full findings from this year’s research.

Source: InternetNZ

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