Young Australian foresters looking for input

Friday 14 Feb 2020

The Future Foresters Initiative (FFI) is a committee in Australia within the IFA/AFG comprising 7 students, researchers and early career forestry professionals who are passionate about forests, forestry and leadership in the industry. They are currently looking for eager new committee members to help them achieve their objectives for 2020 and to contribute toward defining new goals for the future of this vibrant committee.

About the FFI

Like the Future Foresters NZ Group, the FFI was established as a platform for young and emerging foresters in Australia to connect with each other and the broader IFA/AFG community. FFI committee members have regular conference calls to discuss how the IFA and industry are addressing issues of importance to emerging forest professionals.

In particular, the FFI aims to support professional development by facilitating access to networking, mentoring and career development events. Additionally, a key role of the FFI is to engage broadly with the IFA/AFG board and its sub-committees to advise them on key issues in the future of forestry, and to provide guidance in the direction of IFA/AFG strategies and activities.

What they’re looking for?

If you are an early career forester or forestry student and would like to help pave the way for the next generation of foresters in Australia, the FFI committee is the perfect opportunity for you.

The FFI is looking to expand the committee’s reach across Australia. Consequently, preference will be given to applicants based in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and rural/regional areas working with the forest industry. The FFI encourages applications from Indigenous Australians and other minority groups.

How to apply

Please send a 200-word Expression of Interest (EOI) and CV to: by Monday 2nd of March 2020. Please outline your: Background, Prior experience working as part of a committee or small team, Reasons for wanting to join the FFI committee and Specific goals you want to reach being part of the committee For more information visit:

Photo: Some committee members in a HVP redwood plantation during a recent field day

Source: FFI
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