New Lidar technology unveiled at CES 2020

Friday 24 Jan 2020

As you’d expect, DJI had a big presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). But on top of showing off the company’s hardware line-up and handheld imaging systems, the drone industry’s leading manufacturer is introducing a success story from its Open Innovation Program: Livox.

Livox has big ambitions in the lidar sensor space. At CES 2020, the start-up introduced two new sensors and a new method of lidar scanning which, it claims, is set to deliver “better sensing performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional lidar units.”

The aim is to make lidar easier and more affordable to integrate into products and applications. Livox has eyes on everything from autonomous driving to smart cities, mapping and mobile robotics. Livox’s lidar technology uses a new Non-Repetitive Scanning pattern. The method offers significant benefits over the traditional Repetitive Linear Scanning pattern favoured by other lidar sensor providers.

The environment scanned by a Livox sensor increases as the laser explores new spaces within its Field of View (FOV). Livox’s scanning method enables nearly 100% FOV coverage with longer integration time – a feature the company claims doesn’t exist in any market alternatives today at this price point.

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