Safetree Safe-Start 2020 resources available

Friday 13 Dec 2019

Imagine taking off on your first tandem hang-gliding flight only to find out that the instructor has forgotten to attach your harness to the hang-glider.

That’s what happens in one of the videos featured in the Forest Industry Safety Council’s engaging and thought-provoking Safetree Safe-Start 2020 resource.

This resource is specifically for NZ forestry owners and managers, crew owners and foremen. It’s designed to get people thinking about the best way to set up crews for a good day at work – one that helps avoid mistakes that cause incidents.

The resource challenges the common belief that people can just stop work if things get difficult or dangerous. Sometimes by the time we realise there’s a problem, it’s too late to stop before someone gets hurt. This is a particular risk in situations where work pressures have led to people starting work without being properly prepared.

You’re encouraged to download this resource, and to share and discuss it with other leaders and managers you work with as part of your 2020 Safe-Start activities.

Download the Safetree Safe-Start 2020 resource

Source: Forest Industry Safety Council

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