1000 Trees project takes root

Friday 13 Dec 2019

Heatherwick Studio is nearing completion on an ambitious new project in Shanghai, China. As you've probably guessed from its name, 1000 Trees, the large mixed-use development's defining feature is its greenery.

Developed by Tian An China, 1000 Trees has been in the works since 2011 and its first phase is due to open sometime in 2020. The project spans 300,000 sq m and is located on a 6ha site near a public park and Shanghai's arts district.

It's actually made up of two buildings conceived as a pair of tree-covered mountains that are populated by hundreds of columns. The columns both provide structural support and serve as planters, each holding a handful of trees. The unusual design was partly inspired by the site itself.

"Existing planning permission for two conventional shopping mall blocks had been granted for the site, but a huge, boxy building would need to be broken into smaller pieces in order to fit in with the surroundings," explains Heatherwick Studio. "The integrated planting acts as a natural balancing element and the building's edges are lowered to minimize the impact where it meets the art district and park, reducing the discernible threshold between them."

According to Dezeen, the planters contain roughly 25,000 individual plants and 46 different species, including shrubs, perennials, and climbers, with more than half of them evergreen.

Source: newatlas.com

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