GTFIH releases Statement of Commitment

Friday 15 Nov 2019

The Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub* (GTFIH) is a group of nine companies invested in the future of the regional forestry and wood fibre sector. GTFIH covers 90% of the region’s forest industry and represents a unique cross-section –growers and processors, both softwood and hardwood located in south east South Australia and south west Victoria.

On 23 September 2019 the GTFIH launched an AU$1 billion sustainable growth plan in which an extra 200 million trees will be planted by 2030, sequestering 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. The plan means the GTFIH will contribute 20% of the national growth target outlined in the Federal Government’s Forests for Future initiative.

The new ‘Green Triangle Forestry Industries Hub Action Agenda’ outlines how the industry will increase its economic output by more than 65% to meet projected local and global demand for wood and fibre products, making it an AU$2.5 billion industry for the region. The Action Agenda can be found via the website

The GTFIH will support the Green Triangle with a focus on developing skills for the future ensuring a sustainable local wood fibre supply for construction of homes, furniture and household products, and contribute to South Australia’s and Victoria’s s economy and exports. On 1 November, the GTFIH released its Statement of Commitment which is being shared with the Green Triangle Community to demonstrate how the GTFIH will hold each other to account.

Linda Sewell, Chair of the GTFIH said “Our industry is the legacy of many of our second, third and fourth generation workforce. This legacy is one we want to protect and build upon as we think about what forest industries in the Green Triangle will produce and contribute for decades to come. Our goal is clear: to grow the right trees in the right place, at the right scale, with no waste and to support a world leading local processing and manufacturing industry.”

Tony Pasin, Federal Member for Barker said: “The Green Triangle’s contribution to Australian forestry is significant and it’s a vital part of our Government’s National Forest Industries Plan, which includes establishing and supporting Regional Forestry Hubs like the GTFIH to help boost the growth of our forest industries and create more regional jobs. I welcome the Hub’s Statement of Commitment as a positive step towards this goal,”

Source: GTFIH

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