Nannup timber mill loses contract

Friday 1 Nov 2019

Western Australia's second largest timber mill has been stripped of a major native timber supply contract after it was exposed by a whistle-blower of-selling more than 100 tonnes of marri logs overseas.

Under its contract with the Forest Products Commission (FPC), Nannup Timber Processing is required to process all logs from state-owned native forests in WA. However, an FPC investigation triggered by a whistle-blower has found that in the first six months of this year, the Nannup mill on-sold at least 165 tonnes of state-sourced marri logs for export.

WA Forestry Minister Dave Kelly described it as a serious breach of contract. The contractual requirement to locally process timber from state-owned native forests is aimed at protecting WA timber industry jobs and ensuring logs are processed into value-added products like furniture and flooring.

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Source: ABC

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